What is “WebAdvisor”?

WebAdvisor is a World Wide Web interface that allows students EASY access to:

  • Search for classes
  • View their grades
  • View their schedules
  • Register/Add/Drop classes
  • View your schedule
  • Access important information about records
  • Make payments
  • Check account balances
  • View financial aid award information
  • Request transcripts

PLEASE NOTE: Students CANNOT withdraw from a course using WebAdvisor.

WebAdvisor Training Videos

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How does WebAdvisor work?

1. Access WebAdvisor

2. Once your on the WebAdvisor page, you will be directed to a new screen. In the top right hand corner, click the Log In button

New students are assigned a WebAdvisor account two weeks after they have submitted an admission application and completed the placement test.

Student’s User ID is the first initial of your first and last name (both lower case) followed by your 7-digit student ID number.

  • Example- John Doe is jd0034567
  • If you forget your WebAdvisor ID, you can use the “What’s my ID” feature to obtain it
  • Student Password is initially your six digit date of birth.
  • The first time you log onto web advisor you will be prompted to change your password for security purposes.

3. Once you Log in you will have the ability to access grades, account summaries, pay your bills, Financial aid information, etc.