Police Academy Alternate Route


The 2017 fall Alternate Route Program selection process has started. The Camden County College Police Academy will not be accepting applications through www.PoliceApp.com/CCCPA again until the new Alternate Route Program begins in January 2018. Continue to monitor the Police Academy website for the start of the next Alternate Route Program selection process.

Disclaimer: Alternate Route class size is limited by the NJ Police Training Commission and applicants are ranked by a testing process. Consequently, submitting an application to the Alternate Route Program does not guarantee acceptance to the Camden County College Police Academy. Candidates who are accepted into & successfully complete the Alternate Route Program shall be eligible to receive a State of New Jersey Police Training Commission certification after seeking employment to a NJ Law Enforcement agency.


Basic Class for Police Officers (BCPO)

Basic Class #71 Began on August 10, 2017 and will graduate on December 21, 2017

Basic Class #72 will start on January 29, 2018 and will graduate on June 21, 2018

Basic Class #73 will start on August 6, 2018 and will graduate in December of 2018

SLEO I Class will start November 6, 2017 and will end on November 10, 2017

SLEO I Class tentatively to be held in February of 2018

SLEO II Class tentatively will start on March 2, 2018 and will graduate in June, 2018

SLEO II to BCPO Waiver Class will start January 5, 2018 and will end on January 19, 2018

SLEO II to BCPO Waiver Class will start July 13, 2018 and will end on July 27, 2018