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Rowan University Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership
Rowan NJTOP For Teachers

Online cohorts are now forming for Rowan University’s New Jersey Teacher Outreach Program (NJTOP).
The programs offer a discount ($665 a credit) for all NJ school teachers.

Programs / Rowan Online NJTOP Program Start Dates:

* MA in Sp Ed with Autism Core - Completely online (May 2016)

* MA in Sp Ed with TOSD GE Core - Completely online (May 2016)

* MA in Sp Ed with LD Core - Completely online (Sept 2016)

* Teacher of Students with Disabilities Certification - TOSD GE  - Completely online (May 2016)

* Learning Disabilities Certificate - Completely online (May 2016) (Does Not Lead To Actual NJDOE Certification such as LDTC - Remaining classes needed for certification must be taken on-campus)

* Autism Spectrum Certificate - Completely online (May 2016)  (Does Not Lead To Actual NJDOE Certification)

* MA in School Administration with Certifications - Completely online (January 2017)

* Supervisor Certification only - Completely online (May 2016 or Sept 2016)

* Principal Certification only - Completely online (March  2017)

* MA in Reading Specialist - Blended with 95% Online (January 2017)

* MA in Reading Practitioner - Completely online  (January 2017)

* ESL Certification - Completely online (March 2016 or May 2016)

* Bilingual/Bicultural Endorsement  Completely online (May 2016)

NJTOP (New Jersey Teacher Outreach) Program Highlights:

 • Quality programs

 • Ready to use knowledge and skills in your classroom the next day

 • Tuition discounted

 • Accelerated 8 week courses, two courses a semester are back to back within 16 weeks

 • Finish in less than 2 years for most programs

 • Financial Aid options if you qualify

 • Transfer semester hours are possible


Contact: Dr. Barry Meinster, Coordinator of New Jersey Teacher Outreach Programs (NJTOP)

1-888-664 5455