Testing Center

Testing Fees

Career Assessment

Free - for students who are currently enrolled in CCC classes.

Cost of one credit hour - for community members.


$80 – CLEP Fee + $15 Camden County Administrative Fee = $95


Credit for Prior Learning

Credit by Exam = $40 per exam

Portfolio, ACE, Military - $40 initial Evaluation + $10 per credit


DSST (Dantes)

$80 – DSST Fee + $15 Camden County College Administrative Fee = $95   


$50 – full battery of tests

$10 – Re-examination fee per test

Distance Testing


$15 (Thomas Edison)

Placement Retesting

Free – Student must wait two weeks and bring a completed sample test to the Testing Center before retesting.

$15 ($5 per section) – Student must wait 30 days, obtain a referral from Advising and bring in a completed sample test and proof of payment before testing again.

Test Score Transfers to other Schools

$15 – A signed document requesting the transfer must be submitted with proof of payment.

Link to Test Score Request Form.