NJHS Equivalency

TASC NJHSE Registration, Payment and Scheduling Information

TASC is only offered on the Camden City Campus

200 N. Broadway
College Hall, Room 117
Camden, New Jersey 08102
(856) 968-1287

The Test Assessing Secondary Completion (TASC) is the McGraw-Hill high school equivalency test and is one of three tests approved by the NJ Department of Education that leads to a NJ state issued high school diploma. TASC assesses five subjects: Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. More information about the test, as well as a free practice test, can be found here: www.tasctest.com


Before testing, all candidates must register, pay and schedule a test. Please be aware, registration and payment for the TASC can take up to 40 minutes; please schedule accordingly to allow yourself time to complete the necessary test registration paperwork. 


Please follow the steps listed below: 

Step # 1: Pre-approval for the TASC test:

All candidates must be pre-approved by CCC testing staff to take the TASC PRIOR to payment and scheduling. 

At pre-approval applicants will be asked for photo identification and required to provide two (2) or more of any of the following forms of documentation to demonstrate eligibility:

• Driver’s Licenses, Permits, Passports, Voter registrations, School/College ID, Employee ID, or other photo identification, valid or expired, that has been issued by a public or private third party;

• Property tax bills; deeds; contracts of sale; leases; mortgages; signed letters from landlords; and other evidence of property ownership, tenancy, or residency;

• Financial account information; utility bills; delivery receipts; and other evidence of personal attachment to a particular location;

• Court orders; State agency agreements; and other evidence of court or agency placements or directives;

• Receipts; bills; cancelled checks; insurance claims or payments; and other evidence of expenditures demonstrating personal attachment to a particular location or to support the test taker

• Medical reports; counselor or social worker assessments; employment documents; unemployment claims; benefit statements; and other evidence of circumstances demonstrating family or economic hardship, or temporary residency;

• Affidavits, certifications, and sworn attestations pertaining to statutory criteria from the parent, guardian, person keeping an “affidavit student," adult student, person(s) with whom a family is living, or others, as appropriate;

• Documents pertaining to military status and assignment; and

• Any other business record or document issued by a governmental entity.

Eligibility for the Test:

The candidate must be a New Jersey resident and no longer in secondary school. Candidates who are 16 or 17 years of age must have a “Certificate of Consent to Participate” signed by a parent or guardian.  The form is available at the Testing Center.


Step #2 Paying and Scheduling for the Test:

• After CCC staff review ID docs, candidate receives a fee payment form to submit to the Business Office.

• Payment in full is made at the Business Office and candidate receives a signed payment receipt; only cash or money orders made out to Camden County College will be accepted.

• Candidate returns to Test Center with payment receipt to schedule the TASC and finalize registration documents.

Hours for Pre-Approval, Registering and Scheduling a Test (effective January 5, 2015): 

Tuesday walk-in hours noon to 4:30 p.m., Camden City Campus, College Hall 117 (Testing Center) 

Thursday walk-in hours 9:30 a.m. to 3  p.m., Blackwood Campus, LRC 200 (Testing Center) 

Friday walk-in hours 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m., Camden City Campus, College Hall 117 (Testing Center) 


TASC Testing Fees:

Full Battery of Tests: $92 non-refundable fee
Re-Examination Fee: $8 per test non-refundable fee for first two retests in each respective subject; $18.40 non-refundable fee for subsequent retests. 



Rescheduling: Candidates who fail to show for the test and do not notify the testing facility at least 72 hours in advance of the scheduled test date will be required to pay the site fee again. Seating is limited and failure to notify the Testing Center in a timely manner creates a lost testing opportunity for others. There are NO REFUNDS for TASC testing; candidates are permitted to reschedule a TASC test 3 times in a calendar year. After the third rescheduled test, candidates must repay the entire test fee in full. 

The Test: On the days of the test, candidates will be asked to provide the same forms of documentation submitted at pre-approval. Candidates must report to the test room assigned on the registration form by 10 a.m., unless otherwise specified. Without exception, NO late arrivals will be admitted since this causes a disturbance to other test takers. The test is 7 hours and 25 minutes long plus instructions and is administered over a two day period on a Wednesday and Thursday. No walk-ins are allowed on the test date.  

Passing Score:  Candidates must achieve a 500* on each respective section to pass the TASC. 

* A score of 500 and a 2 on the essay is required to pass the Writing section.


Subject Test Length
Day One - Wednesday
Science 85 minutes
Math 105 minutes (50 minutes for the Part I with calculator and 55 minutes for Part II without calculator; 15 minute break in between Part I & II)
Day Two - Thursday
Social Studies 75 minutes
105 minutes
Reading 75 minutes

Test Center Policies: All candidates are given written information about Test Center policies at the time of scheduling. All policies are strictly adhered to in order to ensure a positive and professional testing experience for everyone. Please note, breaks are not permitted during subtests, but will be given intermittently between subjects. Testers who leave during a subtest will not be permitted to return until the subtest has concluded. Also, no cell phones or electronic devices are permitted in the testing room.


Special Accommodations: Special accommodations are available for those who qualify. For more information, speak to CCC testing staff and visit http://www.tasctest.com/accommodations-for-disabilities.html

Test Preparation: The Adult Basic Skills Program at CCC offers both morning, afternoon and evening sessions.
Click here for information about registering for this program or call (856) 968-1315