NJHS Equivalency

New Jersey State Issued High School Diploma Testing

Testing for the NJ State Issued High School Diploma is currently unavailable. Testing will resume shortly.

Did you know that beginning in 2014 there will be multiple pathways for the NJ State Issued High School Diploma? Click here for more information.
Camden County College will be offering the TASC Test. You can find more information about this test by visiting the TASC Test website.


ID Requirements:

  • Please make sure that you have two valid IDs. One must be a valid photo ID. Acceptable primary IDs include: NJ Driver's License or NJ Non-Driver ID Card, a valid US Passport, Camden County ID Card.

  • The secondary ID can be any of the previously mentioned IDs, Social Security Card, or a Birth Certificate.

  • School or employment IDs are unacceptable as a primary ID.

  • Between the two IDs, we must be able to verify the following information: An identifiable photo, that you are a NJ resident, and your date of birth.

Email Requirement:

  • Sign up for an email address if you don't have one. It is free! Some suggestions for easy to sign up and use email accounts are: Gmail or Yahoo mail.

Important information about the 2002 GED Test that expired on 12/31/2013.
Any test that was marked as "incomplete" or "non-passed" will be void, and candidates will need to pass one of the three new approved tests (HiSet, GED, TASC) in order to obtain the NJ State Issued High School Diploma. Please visit the NJ Department of Education website.