Garden State Pathways
Garden State Pathways (GSP) program is for students seeking to build and develop vocational goals and personal skills, while experiencing a college campus. Students seeking admission must meet certain criteria which include documentation of an intellectual or cognitive disability, a high school diploma or equivalent to a diploma and have received or been eligible for IDEA funding while in school. Interested students should have appropriate and recent documentation when applying.

GSP students will gain valuable expertise in self awareness, daily life/independent living skills, and career skills.  At the same time students will enjoy the opportunity to socially engage in college life on a close to home, friendly college campus.  Several support services are provided to insure student progress.  These services include personalized advisement, mentors, tutors, job coaches, and more.
GSP students attend the program five days a week for two years.  After successful completion of all required courses and internships, the student receives a certificate of postsecondary studies.

For further information regarding Garden State Pathways contact:
Bernadette Gismonde
856-227-7200, ext. 4503