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Language, Chemistry Professors Win Top Teaching Award at CCC


A professor known for immersing her students in the cultures of the languages she teaches and a professor known for his inspirational attention to student understanding of chemistry have won the top instructional award available to Camden County College faculty. Martine Howard of Glassboro and William T. Lavell of Annapolis, Md., received the 2013 Lindback Distinguished Teaching Award.

According to academic affairs Vice President Margaret Hamilton, instructors are nominated based largely on their concern and sensitivity to the needs of their students and on their ability to demonstrate positive learning outcomes. Recipients of this award are known for their human quality in the classroom and the lasting influence they have had on their students.

“Professor Howard truly practices the art of teaching by integrating language and culture into the classroom experience, and her students recognize and appreciate her devotion to their success,” Hamilton said. “Professor Lavell is a committed, caring teacher and mentor who engages his students in learning and is genuinely enthusiastic about his subject matter.”

Beyond the classroom, Howard regularly leads the College’s trips abroad to help provide her students with cultural experiences that are forever embedded in their memories. Outside class, Lavell volunteers his time with programs such as the Coriell Science Fair and the New Jersey Science Olympiad.

Howard became a full-time CCC faculty member in 1995 and currently chairs the Language and Culture Department. After earning an A1 college degree in Belgium, she completed an associate in arts degree at Camden County College, a bachelor of arts degree at what is now Rowan University and a master of arts degree at the University of Delaware.

Lavell joined the College’s full-time faculty in 1995 and currently chairs the Chemistry Department. He holds a bachelor of science degree from Ursinus College, a master of science degree from Villanova University and a doctor of philosophy degree from Princeton University.

Published: May 23, 2013