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CCC Creates Program for ESL Students at Camden Catholic High School


Camden County College’s English as a Second Language Department is helping to make learning English easier for international students at Camden Catholic High School in Cherry Hill. Professor David Bruno is overseeing a program that is enabling CCHS students from China, the Philippines, Korea and Brazil to better read, write, communicate and prepare for college while studying in the United States.


The partnership came about when high school international student director Lisa Borreggine reached out to CCC for assistance in serving the growing number of ESL students enrolled at CCHS. The high school’s need aligned with the College’s existing plan to develop into the “go-to” resource for ESL instruction for high schools, corporations, factories and hospitality/food services – anywhere that communities need help – throughout Camden County.


“Our goal,” said Bruno, who chairs CCC’s ESL Department, “is to reduce language barriers wherever the need may be.”


After a year of collaboration, the CCC-CCHS program – which is being supervised by Bruno – is now thriving. The program offers a rich environment of pre-built or customized assessments, personalized learning plans and highly interactive learning activities. These enable students to master skills at their own pace and conduct their college application process with greater success.


There currently are approximately 20 CCHS students in the online college-readiness program. They are using a Web-based suite of resources for reading, writing and study skills that are designed to help them get up to speed with the skills they need for transitioning to college.


For additional information regarding Camden County College’s ESL outreach initiatives, contact Bruno by telephone at (856) 227-7200 ext. 4494, or via e-mail at


Published: May 15, 2012