Information and Procedures


F-1 Student Regulations upon arrival in the United States as an F-1 student

You have made it here to the United States as an F-1 International student at Camden County College. Congratulations!
But with that F-1 student status comes the responsibility of knowing the law.

You must know the law! Here are some basics:

Check in with us when you arrive:

If you do not check in with us, your I-20 will be cancelled for failure to show at school. This will be reported to USCIS.

Placement Testing:

We need to know your level of English and math so we may best design a curriculum and classes geared to your specific needs. We need to know your level of English and math, so we can get started on your class schedule. Please review the College Placement test schedule here. Also, sample problems are available to assist you in ESL and Math Placement test.

Register and pay for classes:

Remember, you presented official documentation to the Embassy, stating your financial stability for the funding of your education. If your sponsor information changes, you must notify the International Student Office immediately and be prepared to present the office with all /any new financial documentation. If you do not have the ability to pay for classes, they will not be held for you and your I-20 will be terminated for failure to enroll.

You will be required to attend a Mandatory New Student Orientation. The date of the workshop will be noted on your letter of acceptance. Why go? We will review all of this information. You are here and we want you to stay!

You must register and pay for classes by September 1 of the Fall semester and January 20 of the Spring semester. There will be no exceptions to this rule. This is considered late registration.It will be your responsibility to communicate with the Designated School Official that you have registered and paid for classes, in order for this information to be communicated to Department of Homeland Security. You are encouraged to take advantage of priority registration.Dates can be found in Academic Calendar, located in spring or fall brochure.

You must attend school:

Your F-1 student visa is exactly that, a student visa. You must register, pay and attend 12.0 credits in fall and spring semesters. In most cases, this will equate to 4 classes. You cannot change your mind, you cannot withdraw from a class, nor can you make any changes to your schedule without proper authorization of the Office of International Students. YOU MUST GO TO SCHOOL. You must be making satisfactory academic progress.Failure to do so will result in termination of your I-20. This is the law. This is closely monitored at all times.

Please, if you encounter problems or difficulty with any of the above issues, talk to your Designated School Official. The worse violation is that you not communicate with us.Don't let fear paralyze you!! We are here to help you with any situation that may arise.We know things happen or situations change.Please give us a chance to help you!We are here for you.

I-20 Program Dates:

Please note, section 5 of your I-20 discloses the specific time indicated that is appropriate for you to complete your studies. If additional time is needed, you must file an extension for your I-20and present new sponsor information in order to be granted an extension. This is your responsibility. We will not remind you nor are we responsible for this function of renewing your I-20. We will need at least 30 days to process your extension request. Mandatory Workshops are required for ALL students filing for extensions. Please see your Designated School official regarding fall and spring workshops.

Please note, extensions are issued only to students maintaining Lawful F-1 status.

If you fail to renew your I-20 before it expires, you will no longer be in lawful F-1 status. Applying for reinstatement is a long and lengthy process, with many times reinstatement being denied, depending on the violation. Always know the expiration date of your I-20.

Additional resources include and and

Please familiarize yourself with the Law. We want you here at Camden County College!