Honors Testimonials

Here's what some of our students are saying about the Honors Program:

"I learned how to become a better writer, and that will definitely help me in the future."

"The professor makes learning fun, and it's an interesting, interactive course."

"If I ever needed help or feedback, she would e-mail me back within two hours, and papers always came back the next class."

"There was never a period of time where we could "slack off". We were always busy with work, but it did not seem overwhelming."

"It was awesome, and I thoroughly enjoyed it! She is an amazing teacher, and I can't wait for next semester."

"I was reluctant to join CCC in the beginning because I had this misconception about community colleges, but I'm more than glad I joined. Now, saying that CCC and the Honors Program are amazing is an understatement."

So, why might students want to be a part of this program?

First of all, it will give students a chance to have some of their classes in small groups (the enrollment for Honors sections is capped at 20) and to be taking those classes with other serious students.

The classes are taught in a collaborative seminar style with faculty members who work closely with students.

The challenge and camaraderie of these classes enhance the experience at CCC and better prepares students to meet the demands of junior and senior level classes when they transfer to a four-year institution.

The Honors courses also might explore some themes that are different from the regular sections. For example: one of the Honors English Composition 1 classes had two themes - Self & Society and War & Its Consequences. The skills developed in this class would be the same as in any ENG 101, but the style of the class should be more interesting and more thought provoking.

Another advantage of the Honors Program is that it helps students in the following ways as they prepare for transfer to a four-year college or university: there will be special advising sessions for students in the Honors Program; any Honors courses will be designated as such on your transcript; we have an informal articulation agreement with the Honors Program at Rutgers-Camden and with the Honors Program at Rowan University where students who complete our Honors Program are automatically accepted into theirs, and we have had students accepted into Honors Programs at other 4-year schools like Arizona State, Villanova, Arcadia, Stockton and American University; as well as transfers to Wesleyan and the University of Pennsylvania. Finally, students are encouraged to participate in cultural and social activities which will enhance their application for admission and scholarships at four-year institutions.

There are several scholarship opportunities exclusively for Honors Program students.

The Honors Program has a designated lounge where you can study and socialize.

The Honors Program sponsors cultural trips to Philadelphia, New York City and Washington D. C. in partnership with the Office of Student Life and Activities.