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dorothy-brown1  DOROTHY BROWN:
Community Colleges Make Education Accessible to Everyone

Professor Dorothy Brown of the Academic Skills Mathematics Department has been a full-time member of Camden County College’s faculty since 1998. She helps students prepare for college-level mathematics courses. 

Professor Brown formerly was a teacher at St. Joseph’s High School in Hammonton and maintains three New Jersey teaching certifications. The 2004 winner of the College’s Lindback Distinguished Teaching Award is passionate about her work at CCC. 


“I believe very strongly in our mission here at the College,” she says. “We help people to acquire the education they need to make a better life for themselves.” Professor Brown’s favorite aspects of the CCC student population include the diverse backgrounds that are represented. Another is the deep appreciation students show for all of the opportunities offered to them at the College. 


Outside the classroom, Professor Brown personally enjoys an opportunity that emerged due to her work on campus.

“When I’m not with my students,” she says, “I enjoy my book club with other faculty members.”

A Career Bookended by Community Colleges


Professor Christine Webster has taught develop- mental reading and writing at Camden County College for 13 years. She teach- es primarily on the Blackwood Campus and at the William G. Rohrer Center in Cherry Hill but admits that students at the Camden City Campus hold a special place in her heart. “Those kids are overcoming many obstacles,” she said.


Webster feels that the best parts of teaching at CCC are the relationships she establishes with her students and the impact she is able to have on their lives. She is looking forward to contributing further to the College – through research – by working to complete her doctorate in English at Temple University.

“I began my higher education at a community college and have a wonderful career now,” she said. “I hope that my own students recognize how far Camden County College can take them in pursuit of their own dreams.”