Graduate Testimonials

What Our Graduates are Saying: 

A number of recent graduates were asked to comment about the benefits of attending the Ophthalmic Science Program at Camden County College. 

Here is how they responded:


"The ophthalmic program at C.C.C. has provided me with all of the tools needed to succeed in this profession today, as well as in the future. It offers in-depth course study, hands-on technical training, and a knowledgeable and experienced staff. But it also fosters an air of confidence and professionalism. The direct result of my training here has been a mastery of my skills, and a continuing success story beyond even my own expectations. Camden County College's Ophthalmic Science Program definitely has 'all the right stuff!'"

- Tony Grigalunas, Class of 1994 


"I chose this program because of its location, and the high quality of the educators. Though the curriculum is challenging, if you apply yourself, and tap the knowledge and skill of the staff, you will do well.

Since graduation, I have passed the state board exams required for licensure, and gotten a job which has an excellent pay scale and good opportunities for advancement. Jobs in the optical field are plentiful, and the staff in Ophthalmic Science prepare you for the real world."

- Mark Johnson, Class of 1997 


"I often reference my educational background at Camden County College while working as a Corporate Lens Representative with Signet Armorlite."

- Christian Habina , Class of 1993 


"My education at Camden County College gave me the background I needed to hit the ground running upon graduation right through passing my NJ State board exam. It also provided a background to move up into management."

- Chuck Kane, Class of 1980

Franchise Manager, Pearle Vision 


"I feel that the instruction that I received at C.C.C. was very valuable to me. It prepared me to meet the optical needs of all my patients. Camden County College is an affordable, quality institution."

- Christopher P. Hutton , Class of 1994