Ophthalmic Department News


Welcome to Camden County College’s alumni website for ophthalmic science. This department began in the fall of 1972 with a vision to educate students in the field of opticianry. Back then, calculating base curves, edge thickness, prism, sag dimensions and the like required lengthy procedures and calculations without the aid of much computational equipment. Even with these challenges, students who graduated from the program were well trained to gain licensure and enter the workforce with confidence.


Today, theory and practical experience are supplemented with computer technology, which has created great advancement in ophthalmic science. These advances have improved the quality and production of optic lenses as well as the level of customer satisfaction. They have also increased the need for training.


Camden County’s faculty and staff continue to teach students the knowledge and skills necessary in this field. Our programs – ophthalmic dispensing degree, ophthalmic apprentice certification, and ophthalmic medical technician certification – matriculate approximately 60 students per year. We offer small, intimate classroom and lab settings ideal for academic growth.


All of us here at Camden County College are thrilled to start another successful year, especially as we look ahead to moving to the new ophthalmic science facility in January 2009. See you there!


New Faculty Degree 

Patrick Goughary has earned the Master of Arts Deree in English from Rutgers University. Most of the coursework emphasized various kinds of creative writing, with excursions into publishing, editing, and literary criticism. Watch your grammar on that next term paper, students!


New Equipment 

Much new equipment has been acquired over the last couple of years, as a result of increased grant money secured by the department. The new additions include:

1 Optronics Vista Dry-cut Generator

4 Edgemaster II edgers for glass, plastic and polycarbonate

1 Essilor 90m patternless edger

5 Marco LN770 projection lensometers

3 Novamatic Marker/Blockers for finishing

1 AIT Marker/Blocker for surfacing

1 OWC reclaim tank

1 OWC digital Sagittal Gauge

1 OWC digital Thickness Gauge

12 saltpans

1 9-well tint unit with auto-gradient

3 Keeler corded retinoscopes

1 Keratron computerized corneal topographer

1 Gamma edger and tracer


Feel free to stop in at the school any time you are in the area, to say "hello" and see the new improvements.