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Physics Degree @ Camden County College
Option to Liberal Arts and Sciences
Associate in Science Degree - PHY.AS

More information can be found regarding this program in the Academic Program Guide in the
Transfer Programs section on page 90.  A link to this section can be found below.

Transfer Programs

What are the career opportunities?
There is a great demand in the job market for physicists and engineers. As technology is advancing at a very fast rate, the demand for skilled and high technology positions is increasing enormously. The graduates of this program will work in all major engineering industries, lasers, telecommunications, computers, nuclear and space agencies. The program concentrates on all branches of physics with a special emphasis on optics, light, and applications.

What are the degree options?
The associate degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences – Physics Option is designed for transfer to a physics or engineering program in a four-year college. It will also help in pursuing a career in Applied Optics/ Communications/ Laser Technology and all major branches of engineering after graduation from Camden County College.

Special requirements
All students who apply to Camden County College are accepted. Those who have two semesters of physics in high school will take Computer Literacy (CSC-101) and Advanced Computer Concepts/ Applications (CIS-206) in place of Physics I and II, respectively.

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