Meet Featured Faculty


Helping Students to Have a Better Life

Professor Kevin Schmidt, coordinator of the computer integrated
manufacturing program, graduated from Camden County College with an associate degree in electroelectronic engineering technology in 1989. He has been an instructor at CCC ever since, earning a master’s degree in computer information systems along the way. 


Throughout his 24 years as a faculty member, he says, he has been fortunate that his hobby is his trade. His students have been fortunate as well. 


“I honestly feel that I’m helping people have a better life,” Professor Schmidt says. “What I teach enables my students to get jobs.”


Because he is well-established in the manufacturing community, employment opportunities for his students come from employers of former students now in the field. They also come from former students who are now employers

“I maintain a job-posting board for my students,”Professor Schmidt says. “I actively seek good ‘fits.’”


This fall, he looks forward to introducing a new program in precision machining technology that will provide even more opportunities for his students.

Helping Students Go from Classroom to Working World


Rich Dolan is the director of the com- puter systems technology and computer information systems programs at Camden County College. He has been a teaching administrator at CCC for almost 20 years.


Dolan said that his favorite part of the job he holds is the interaction he has with students as they prepare for employment. He said that 75 to 80 percent of his students find work in information technology upon completion of their CCC studies, which in today’s challenging economic times is an excellent statistic. But their success is no accident.


“I try to instill a work ethic that will serve them well, no matter their chosen path,” he said. “I challenge my students to work hard throughout the semester. I stress that learning is the end goal and try to provide them with the tools they will need to become successful IT professionals.”