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At this site you can contact faculty members, check out our course offerings, or get some additional help or information about Biology.

About Our Courses

The Biology Department at Camden County College offers a variety of courses at the freshman and sophomore level. Our courses are designed to serve students enrolled in Allied Health and other career programs requiring biology courses, those students enrolled in liberal arts curricula requiring a laboratory-based natural science elective, and those students designated as biology majors in the Liberal arts-Science curriculum

Typical courses include General Biology, Anatomy and Physiology, Microbiology, Genetics, and some specialized courses that are designed specifically for Allied Health or other career programs. For a detailed description of courses, click on the course description button at the left.


About Our Facility

Our diverse faculty each have a broad-based background in biological principles. Collectively, we represent a wide range of academic specialties that each contribute to our department. To look up or contact a faculty member, click on the Faculty link at the top of the page.

The Biology Option

The department offers a Biology Option to the Liberal Arts and Sciences Associate in Science degree. For details about this option, click on the curriculum button to the Program and Course info link at the top of the page.

Resources and Links

Want to know more about Biology? Need some help in your Biology class? A variety of fun and useful features can be found under the resources section of our site.These include suggestions for Help in Biology, Links to other sites, Career information and other resources. Check out these features by clicking the Resources button at the top of the page.