Visual Arts

Welcome to the Visual Arts at Camden County College

With over 180 Visual Arts majors annually, Camden County College boasts some of the largest and strongest visual arts degree programs in Southern New Jersey. Based on the established quality of our faculty, students, and programs we have been awarded transfer agreements with two of the most prestigious art schools in the region, Moore College of Art and Design, and the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.

If you are interested in pursuing a career in the visual arts, if you need to develop your skills and your portfolio before transferring to an accredited four year college or university, if you want to complete the first two years of your studies before transferring, one of our degree programs will be right for you.

It is recommended that you contact one of the visual arts faculty listed below for advisement and assistance in selecting which program of study is best for you.

Greg, Kay, Fred, and Tom

Gregory Brellochs, Associate Professor
Program Coordinator

Kay Klotzbach, Associate Professor

Fredrick Herr, Assistant Professor I

Thomas Murray, Assistant Professor II

What some of our past students are saying…

Zac Clark, Photography, 2001-2007

“Going to CCC helped me come out of my shell, artistically… the thing I got the most out of during my time at CCC was being able to critique and express myself verbally about what I was seeing.” Learn more about what Zac is doing.

Donna Tavakolian, Studio Fine Arts, 2010-2011

“I absolutely loved every second of my time spent at CCC! Some of my most favorite memories are from my time spent working in the art studio between classes. I was able to scratch an itch I’ve had for art all my life.” See what Donna is up to.

Randi Warhol, Studio Fine Arts, 2004-2006.

“CCC was a part of my life when I really needed it. I was provided a good foundation and it helped me develop good habits as an artist.” Read about Randi’s current endeavors.

Krissy Arcidiancono, Studio Art, 2009-2012

“For me, Camden County College was an important starting point in the art field. At CCC, I gained experience in self-discipline while being introduced to different aspects of the art world, all essential lessons for the next step.” See how Krissy is painting the future.

Sarah Beard, Studio Art, 2012-2014

“My experience at CCC was very rewarding.I still feel that my experience at CCC has made me a stronger academician and has contributed to my success at Rowan University.” See where Sarah has gone.