General Education

Camden County College is committed to providing each student with an educational experience that fosters a respect for the intellectual process and addresses the demands of the modern world. This process cultivates knowledge, intellectual skills and attitudes that enrich our lives and encompass the basic concepts in the humanities, social sciences, mathematics, science and technology. Intellectual skills include the student’s ability to think and communicate in a global society.

General education addresses a broad range of learning opportunities for students and establishes high standards for graduates. To accomplish its mission, Camden County College develops its Strategic Agenda through the continuous assessment of the fulfillment of its goals.

Camden County College’s general education goals and objectives are consistent with the New Jersey Statewide Transfer Agreement and the general education guidelines approved by the New Jersey Presidents’ Council. Camden County College faculty annually review and revise these objectives to reflect the currency of the curriculum and the results of assessments of student learning.

The College’s goal is to offer a General Education program that provides students with competence in a broad array of intellectual skills and habits of mind that will enrich their lives and enable them to participate in a democratic society. These competencies reflect the values of a trusting, cooperative academic community that is open to new ideas and a diversity of opinions, convictions and methods of inquiry. General education goals are achieved by the incorporation of general education courses, appropriate student learning outcomes and pedagogy and the construction of regular assessments.


General Education Resources


NJ General Education Foundation Policy

General Education Guiding Principles

Camden County College General Education Electives


General Education Assessment

          Written/Oral Communication Assessment Summary 2012 

          Quantitative Skills Assessment Summary 2012

          Scientific Knowledge and Skills Assessment Summary 2012

          Technological Competency Assessment Summary 2012

          Society and Human Behavior Assessment Summary 2012

          Humanistic Perspective Assessment Summary 2012

          Historical Perspective Assessment Summary 2012

          Cultural and Global Awareness Assessment Summary 2012

          Integrated Goal: Ethical Reasoning and Action Assessment Summary 2012

          Integrated Goal: Information Literacy Assessment Summary 2012