Academic Program Review

Academic Program Review is a collaborative and collegial partnership between faculty and administration with the intent of improving program outcomes and student success. While faculty develops and assesses the content of courses and the curricula, the Institution is responsible for evaluating the overall outcomes of each program. Comprehensive evaluation of a program includes faculty input as well as input from many support services including but not limited to Institutional Research, Advising, Transfer, the Office of Finance and Planning, employers, Outreach, Marketing and the students. Decisions regarding funding for programs are the responsibility of the administration as stewards of the College’s finances.

Program evaluation requires: 1) data analysis, 2) solicitation of input from a wide scope of stakeholders, 3) development of an action plan and 4) recommendations to administration regarding future viability of the program and the distribution of college resources to the program. The ultimate goal of program evaluation is to improve retention, transfer and graduation rates and to ensure fiscally responsible allocation of funds to all academic programs.


Schedule for Academic Program Review

APR Summary Schedule by Program