Vision, Values, Mission, and Goals

Camden County College enhances the quality of life in Camden County by preparing students to live and work in a global economy. The College further fulfills its responsibility to the citizens of the County by creating a skilled and stable local workforce; by encouraging enlightened civic engagement; by providing an avenue of social mobility; and by serving as a destination for cultural and recreational activities. Efforts continue to ensure that all who study, visit, or work at our three campus locations will find comfortable, safe, and attractive settings that are designed to sustain a vibrant academic community characterized by imaginative teaching, caring student services, energetic management, and collegial discussion of diverse ideas and opinions.


Camden County College provides its students with the opportunities and support they need to reach their academic goals. Faculty, administrators, and staff work together and make a commitment to our students and each other to operate according to basic institutional values:

Respect for individual differences


Honesty and integrity in all that we do


Civility and courtesy in all interactions


Industrious pursuit of excellence in our work

These values define a trusting, cooperative academic community that is open to new ideas and a diversity of opinions, convictions, and methods of inquiry. We strive to resolve disagreements through discussion and make decisions based on sound and ethical judgments. Everyone in this academic community shares the goal of creating and sustaining an environment that supports individual student success.



Camden County College, a comprehensive public community college in New Jersey, provides accessible and affordable education including associate's degree programs, occupational certificate programs, non-credit courses, and customized job training. The College welcomes all who can benefit and provides the support services students need to transfer for further studies, prepare for a career, and continue their education. The College responds to the changing needs of its community and students and continuously improves its programs and services to support the economic development of Camden County and the personal development of its citizens.



To accomplish its mission, Camden County College develops a strategic agenda and continually assesses its progress toward the fulfillment of these goals:


1. Programs and services will enable students to achieve academic success and career competence, to pursue further higher education, and to identify and develop their personal attributes.


2. General education courses will develop students' intellectual and critical-thinking skills and knowledge that enrich their lives and enable them to participate in a democratic society.


3. Developmental courses will enable students to gain skills needed for college-level work.


4. Continuing education courses and programs will provide cultural, social, and recreational activities to enrich the community.


5. Programs and services will recognize diversity and meet the needs of special populations, including academically gifted students and students with disabilities.


6. Partnerships with schools and colleges, public agencies, corporations, foundations, and other entities will enhance educational quality, student opportunities, and economic development.


7. Training programs for business and industry will provide continuous learning opportunities, including academic degrees.

8. The College will serve as a good steward of its financial, physical, and human resources.


9. Programs will provide students with the understanding and skills they need to adapt to changing international conditions and to compete in a global economy.


10. The College will provide a technology-rich environment that supports teaching, learning, and working.