Institutional Research

Vision Statement

Develop the capability to turn information into a strategic asset available to all decision-makers when and where it is needed to maximize the institution’s effectiveness and increase student success.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Institutional Research and Planning Office is to have a tangible impact on decision- making, planning, and policy formation at Camden County College.  The Office will coordinate the College’s official response to external mandates to comply with State and Federal regulations. In addition, the Office will proactively educate the College’s internal stakeholders on evidence-based planning and decision-making by providing timely analysis, interpretation, and presentation of data.

What we value:

Service, Professionalism, Innovation, Data Integrity and Objectivity, and Interdepartmental Collaboration

To fulfill our goals we will:

1. Provide data about the College to internal and external constituents as measured by the IR&P Project Timeline Grid, IR&P Data Request Form,  and IR&P Self Study

2. Safeguard data validity and reliability to ensure accurate and straightforward reporting as measured by the internal edit reports and external edit reports from the State and Feds

3. Conduct analyses, research, and evaluation on student-centered initiatives and institutional effectiveness as measured by the IR&P Self-Study and IR&P Customer Survey

4. Consult with our colleagues to help them develop the tools to evaluate the best use of limited resources and maximize effectiveness as measured by the IR&P Customer Survey

5. Emphasize professionalism and innovation in the dissemination of information to guide evidence-based decision-making  as measured by the IR&P Customer Survey, IR&P website usage statistics, and feedback received and participation in the IR&P Briefs

Institutional Data

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Information Web sites

Institution Reports

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IR&P Newsletter

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