Archived Exhibits

The Rock Series

An Exhibition of Tom Gaines Rock-inspired series of oil paintings

Artist's Reception: Wednesday, October 12, 5-7 p.m.
Show Dates: October 12 to November 4, 2016

Resident Artists of the Clay College Recent Works  clay-college1

Mary Rowson, Mother and Child; Lisa Weatherill, Gnomes; Jacqueline Sandro, Anvil



Lisa Weatherill, Camoouflage; Kathleen Baldissero, Free Ride; Anne Taylor Glapion, Daisy Bowl


Artist's Reception: Wednesday, September 7, 6-8 p.m.

Show Dates: September 7 to September 30, 2016


Participating Artists:
Jacqueline Sandro
Kathleen Baldissero
Cathy Cramer
Mary Rowson
Anne Taylor Glapion
Anne Seebold
Kimberly Hunter
Lisa Weatherill
Roy Kaneshiki
Sharon Vitale
Donna Hunsberger

Screen Shot 2016-09-27 at 3

1st Annual Camden County High School Visual Arts Invitational

Artist's Reception Wednesday, June 15, 6-8 p.m.

Show Dates June 8 to June 16, 2016

Participating High Schools:
Audubon High School
Collingswood High School
Winslow High School
Cherry Hill West High School
Cherry Hill East School
Pennsauken High School
Overbrook High School
Gloucester High School
Camden County Technical Schools –Gloucester Twp. Campus
Camden County Technical Schools –Pennsauken Campus



2nd Runner-up $75
Dylan Coverdale, Senior from Cherry Hill West
Nominating Teachers: Andrea Savidge, Steve Ferenzi & Sandy Sharp


1st Runner-up $100
Talia Scarpato, Senior from Collingswood High School
Nominating Teacher: Danielle Lange


Best in Show $150
Devon Tomasello, Junior from Overbrook High School
Nominating Teacher: Larissa Danowitz


Camden County High School Art Show Scholarship
Devon Tomasello

49th Annual Student Exhibition


Winners of 49th Annual Student Exhibition

ID Number of Work
  Best of Show
Noel Mercer "Self-Portrait: Shame"
First Runner up Elizabeth Getler "Harvey"
Second Runner up
Aisa Binhashim "Untitled II"
Best in Photography Jessie Bacha "Bodie Sphynx"
Best in Ceramics Devin Bartolett "Human Future"
Best in Drawing
Tiffany Lampe "Little Riches"
Best in Painting Jessica Borden "Hey Daddy"
Best in Sculpture KT Tomko "Tree of Trees"
Best in Film Tiffany Lamps "Oracle"
Honorable Mention
Alex Jones "Introspection"
Honorable Mention
Patricia Korte "Purple Snot"

Joe Haro

Bruce Garrity

The Center for Emerging Visual Artists Alumni Exhibition: 5 Photographers

March 9-April 1, 2016

Johanna Inman  |  Keith Sharp  |  Michael Mergen


Jay Pastelak  |  Sandra C. Davis

 New Jersey Coalition for Inclusion Education

Opening: February 1 to February 15



Faculty Show

Opening:  November 18 to December 18, 2015


Wood & Stone By Joe Brenman & Steve Flom

Opening: October 14 to November 13, 2015art-galleryfall1015


Nancy Agati's Continuum…Sequential Patterns and Projects

Opening: September 8, 2015  Closing: October 2, 2015



Continuum-Zinc 40"x 26" | Strati, fluidity in layers, 70" diameter | Nectar, 127"x 89"


48th Annual Student Show

Brian White | T.Pring Melton | Fran Clark | Shannon Cabrita 


Winners of 48th Annual Student Exhibition

ID Number of Work
  Best of Show
Raffi Goushian: “Sebastion”
First Runner up T. Pring Melton: “Lemons of Life”
Second Runner up
Ashley Carr: “Keep Out”
Best in Photography Brooke Lynn York: “Welcome, We’re Closed”
Best in Ceramics Brian White: “Untitled”
Best in Drawing
Noel Mercer: “Untitled”
Best in Painting Fran Clark: “Chase”
Best in Sculpture Shannon Cabrita: “Levi Ackerman”
Best in Film Samantha Hitman: “ The Portal Installation”

Jaqueline Sandro-Greenwell
David Vaccaro

Animal, Vegetable, Mineral? by Joanna Platt

Opening: January 28, 2015  Closing: February 27, 2015


Biophilia by Jenna Hannum

Opening: March 11, 2015  Closing: April 3, 2015


Virion, graphite on paper | Histo-portrait No. 6: Carcinoma Lung | Histo-portrait No. 6: Carcinoma Lung | Pollinate,  2015  | Details to come.

The Annual Visual Arts Faculty Exhibition

Opening: November 12, 2014  Closing: December 10, 2014


Nimbus by Kay Klotzbach | Helix Confined by Philip Rychert | Sunflowers by Dressler Smith | Ovum by Gregory Brellochs

Nature Works IV by Joe Plageman

Opening: October 8, 2014  Closing: October 31, 2014


Clay Monoprints: Mitch Lyons

Opening:  September 3, 2014  Closing: September 26, 2014 


47th Annual Student Exhibition

Opening: April 16, 2014  Closing: May 16, 2014 student-artshow-2014-archive
Elizabeth Getler, Title: Grace   |    Sarah Luebkemann, Title: Jubilee's last Summer   |   Kamarie Shelly, Title: Reflections

Photography by Fred Herr

Opening: March 12, 2014  Closing: April, 2014


Howard Hao Tran Paintings

Opening: January 29, 2014  Closing: February 27, 2014


The Annual Visual Arts Faculty Exhibition

Opening: November 13, 2013 Closing: December 13, 2013archive-nov2013

Kay Klotzbach    |    Gregory Brellochs and Zach    |    Coy Gu

Marion Spirn Paintings

Opening: October 9, 2013  Closing: November 1, 2013

Algebraic Matrix – Marion Spirn   |   Banana Plant – Marion Spirn    |  Glacial Stream – Marion Spirn

Communal Fire

Opening: September 4, 2013  Closing: September 26, 2013


David Gamber   |   Meg Winchell Biddle    |  Alan Willoughby

A View of South Jersey (A Photographic Essay)

Opening: July 10, 2013  Closing: July 31, 2013AG-southjersey

Thomas Puzzutelli, Barn Thermometer and Cloths Line | Thomas Puzzutelli, Winter Spring |  Thomas Puzzutelli, Grape Vines

46th Annual Visual Arts Student Exhibition

Opening: April 17, 2013  Closing: May 10, 2013AG-studentsrtshow
Jacob Foster, Reflections | Max Gutlezahl, Untitled | Rekha Chandra, Indian Motif

Matter of Perspective

Opening: March 6, 2013  Closing: April 3, 2013Amatterofperspective
Pete Zelby, Untitled  | Olive Thomas, Prayer Drones | Melissa Barlett, Landscape in Three Parts (part two)

Deborah Marris & Jane Chesson

Opening: January 30, 2013  Closing: February 21, 2013Deborah Moss-Marris and Jane Chesson
Jane Chesson, Red Moth  | Deborah Moss-Marris, Hydrangea | Deborah Moss-Marris, Teles

Faculty Show

Opening: November 14, 2012  Closing: December 14, 2012
Kay Klotzbach, Words | Gregory Brelloch, Biomorphic Distressed | Fred Herr, Map #6


Surface as Signifier

Opening: October 10, 2012  Closing: November 1, 2012surficeassignifier

Robert Straight, P485 |  Margery Admur, detail from Amass |  Leslie Wayne, from the Big Love Series

Alumni Show

Opening: September 12, 2012   Closing: October 4, 2012


Front Row: Ernest Goldberg,Dahye Chang, Carment Console, Laura Storck, Traci Beden-Tambussi, Tracy Steel.
Back Row: Laura Hill, Melissa Quinter, Kim Di Loreto, Phil Rychert, Adan Renaud, David Stipple, Jim Tigar, David Graeber


Phil Rychert, Symetria | Tracy Beden-Tambussi, "Bubbet" |  David Graeber, Homage to Bill Marlin  Top Image Art Credit: James Erikson