Health and Wellbeing Course Table



Human Services Career Cluster

Early Childhood Development & Services Pathway

Classification of Instructional Program: “Child Development” 190706

Program of Study-Early Childhood Education Curriculum Model


Course Units

Unit Lessons







Child’s Health
and  Wellbeing


     1. Defining Health and Wellness
     2. Childhood Illnesses
     3. Preventing Childhood Illnesses
     4. Sanitation In Disease Prevention


     1. Stimulating Learning Across All Domains
     2. Defining Sensory Integration
     3. Dysfunctions of Sensory Integration
     4. Identifying and Responding to Sensory Issues
     5. Developing SI Plan for Young Students


Supporting Special
Needs in ECE Classroom
     1. Inclusion and Differentiation to Meet Learning Needs for all Young Children in Classroom
     2. Multi-disciplinary Support in the Inclusive Classroom
     3. The OT/PT Professional In the Early Childhood Classroom
     4. Role of Family in Supportive Learning  Environments
     5. Confidentiality and Professionalism in the Inclusive Learning Classroom

Nutrition for Young Child
     1. Nutrition Basics
     2. Nutrition Plan for Young Child: “Healthy Diet”
     3. Supplemental Nutrition Programs for Children and Families
     4. Teaching Young Child and Families How to Plan Nutritious Meals on a Budget
     5. Importance of Food Safety in Early Childhood

Promoting Childhood
Health and Safety

     1. Creating a Safe and Healthy Environment for Young Children
     2. Health and Safety Policies and Regulations in Early Childhood Education
     3. Responding to Health and Safety Emergencies
     4. Promoting Health and Safety in the Home
     5. Identifying Abuses of Childhood
     6. Promoting Use of Developmentally Appropriate Toys in the Classroom and at Home