Creative Experiences - POS Course Units


Human Services Career Cluster

Early Childhood Development & Services Pathway

Classification of Instructional Program: “Child Development” 190706

Program of Study-Early Childhood Education Curriculum Model


Course Units

Unit Lessons



     1. Defining and Assessing Creativity
     2. Developmentally Appropriate Creative Activities
     3. Creativity and Brain Development
     4. The Role of Creative Play in Pre-learning


     1. Art Skills and Development
     2. Art Tools and Techniques
     3. Developmentally Appropriate Sensory Experiences
     4. Block-building Stages and Benefits


     1. Age Appropriate Book Selection
     2. Storytelling Steps
     3. Effective Storytelling
     4. Planning the Storytelling Experience

Guided Play and
Puppetry Experiences

     1. Stages of Play
     2. Play Materials at Each Stage
     3. Imagination Development Through Dramatic Play
     4. Play as an Expression of Emotion and Feelings
     5. Creating Puppet Stories for Learning
     6. Use of PROP BOX in Learning Experiences

     1. Benefits of Music and Movement in Early Learning
     2. Teachers Role in Music Experiences
     3. Use of Rhythm Instruments in Early Learning
     4. Age Appropriate Music and Movement
     5. Planning for Music and Movement in Learning
     6. Music and Movement and Development

     1. Role of Field Trips in Early Childhood Learning
     2. Planning a Successful Field Trip
     3. Safety Issues and Conditions for Field Trips
     4. Types and Purposes of Theme Walks
     5. Learning After the Outing